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    Who is the darkness in "I am in the thriller game"?


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    1. Slash is the protagonist attack, the tower, the most good side of Bai Liu's split. It is the successor of Bai Liu based on the evil god created by himself, but the essence of the tower is not in line with Bai Liu's successor. So many things extended. Bai Liu transferred the heirs' choice to the derivative body of each world. He put his own derivative body on each world line, looking forward to the growth of Bai Liu. Unfortunately, each derivative body is the same as Bai Liu as Bai Liu. Without conscience, I do n’t know the pain, I only know the pain for other people. Until the special derivative of Bai Liu appeared, although he was based on Bai Liu, he was beyond Bai Liu. He could perceive the pain, so he couldn't write anymore, too much.

    2. It is a king of chess and cards. The best thing is to draw red peaches. In the thriller game, the red peach is one of the gamblers. The two hegemon of Fengshen Chiebi is my gambler in the thriller game.
      "I am in the thriller game" serialized in Jinjiang Literature City, the author pot fish peppers. The serialization began on June 24, 2020, and the text was over.
      I Introduction to the role of God in the thriller game
      The willow: The Association of Blossoms: Wandering Circus. The unemployed youth, the young and other world lines, named Bai Liu, are derivatives of the evil god Bai Liu on the last world line. When he was young, he was attracted by the ‘monster’ Xie Tower in the welfare home and regarded him as the most important person. After the death of Xieta, he sank his body into the bottom of the welfare home and was folded by the Lu Station.
      The school violence during middle school, but the company's accompaniment and his girlfriend's square point will not feel lonely, accompanied by monsters and love with him for a while. , Folded by the Lu Station for the second time to remember.
      until the age of twenty -four years old, he could not accept his unemployment and triggered the game. He played the super public in the newcomer's copy "Siren Town" and became the focus of attention. 'Poor wanderer', skills are transactions. Later, he met his teammates Mu Sicheng, Mu Ke, Liu Jiayi, and Tang Er beat, and formed a guild circular circus.
      Sie The Tower/Tavill: Bai Liu's lover, the most perfect creation of the evil god Bai Liu, has a pair of beautiful silver -blue eyes, exquisite faces like flawless artworks, which are used as "painful pain in various world lines Put the loading.
      Plashing with Lu Station in the last world line, accompanied Bai Liu in the welfare home during childhood, because of a glance like a vortex, it can be regarded as a monster that makes people feel frightened. Before the dean of the welfare, he came forward and took responsibility for Bai Liu. He was "drowned" in the washing pool of the welfare home again and again, and left Bai Liu.
      In the "Siren Town" separates his soul from the flesh. The soul becomes a god -level NPC in the game. Blinds crushed and dissipated.

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