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    What kind of personality does a man who does not smoke, does not drink, does not socialize, and does not play games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What kind of personality does a man who does not smoke, does not drink, does not socialize, and does not play games?”
    1. Fortunately to answer! I am like this, not very good, I don’t like communication, I will be at home at home. I do n’t want to find someone else. I don’t want to go to others. In the world, I do n’t care about my wife and children, parents, and others. , If you have money, you will make money, no matter how tired you are, because I know that if you have money, you can eat it. You do n’t like to contact new things. Didi Chuxing has been out for a year before I went to contact slowly because everyone around me was used. I had to use WeChat, Didi, and it was more than a year since they appeared. On the face, a particularly real person, does not like to lie,

      has the fortune to answer this question. First of all, he cannot determine how this person is, but it is basically determined that his life and assets are medium and medium. I have such a person. He is very frugal. When he has time, he works and is very hardworking. He is not a rich household in the village. To say that he is still able to do it now. There is also such a person in the same year as me, and only see his son over. Besides, I have been smoking and drinking cards before the age of 30. But if you live well, you will be serious after getting sick. Sometimes playing small cards. There are alive, restless rest, let go of the mind and drop the pressure. Happy everyday.

      The people who answer this question almost have a characteristic, a house. I am also one of these people. Let me talk about my own actual situation. After all, answering questions is one of our rare fun. Maybe my answer is the same, after all, our characteristics are the same. If it is repeated, it won't be strange to see.

      . In terms of myself, there are not many people who can care about me, and they are the family. Don't pay much attention to anything, except making money. It is not that it falls into the eyes of money, but a person like me. The conditions of the family are not very good. The days without debt are better, and those who owe debts are difficult. I belong to a non -debt, but divorce, a person to support himself and the child, no matter how much he saves him, it is not a small number of children. You can't find a long job, because you have to counsel your child to study every night, so your salary will not be too high.

      The personality, I have almost no friends. Even if you live in the door, people who are peers are unwilling to take care of it. Unless you encounter face to face, there is no way to say hello. It is not that our pattern is small, and it really feels unnecessary. For me, my friend is disappointing. Although I still look forward to one or two friends in my heart, I really encounter it, and I will stay silently. There is no extra time to cultivate friendship, so a person is actually very good. And it is also a burden on me. Even if you eat the New Year's Eve, you eat silently and walk silently. There is also talking too straightforwardly. If you think of what you think, it is easy to offend others, but you don't know. It is more sensitive. From the other party's attitude towards himself, you can know whether the other party is perfunctory.

      It is that it looks average, and the presence is very low. It may fall into the pile of people, and I can't find it anymore. And it is particularly stingy for yourself, but it is very generous to treat the family. I never care about what others think of themselves. Even if they scold themselves a few words, they will not take it in heart, let alone scold them, because they know clearly, if they scold them back, it means that they care. I care about the views of the family, even if it is a complaint, I feel uncomfortable.


      I I think a man who does not smoke, does not drink, does not play games. Men who do not socialize may have these 4 cases:

      . In the future, there are no plans, no pressure, no hobbies, so he does not need entertainment, no dating, no hobbies.

      2. There is a special preference risk: Do not smoke or drink without playing cards, it does not mean that there is no other venting path, it may be that he is too good or he deliberately let others discover it. He may have a tendency to violence or a personality problem, and so on.

      3. Perfect men: Men who do not smoke or drink without playing cards, do not deny that there are also men. Such men can easily cope with various pressures in life and easily solve problems in life.

      4. Mom Baonan, a thorough bottom: His every move and one breath can almost have to be consent of the mother. If you know him for the first time, you will feel that the young man is not bad. Talking and doing things honestly, let him never go to the east, not smoking, drinking, or playing cards without playing mobile games, and all this is due to his mother. His mantra is "My mother said what I don't let me do"

      The is not strange in the world, and the communication circle of each of us is still very limited. , Socially, such boys really exist, but it is really rare. There is also a very self -disciplined person in history. He does not smoke or drink and is vegetarian. Do you know who he is? He is the famous World War II Demon Hitler.

      It, to be honest, I will not make friends with a person without any hobby, so it may be boring or dangerous.

      Hes men who do not smoke, do not drink, and do not play games.

      First of all, in today's real social life, there are very few such men, but it is not absolute

      . If the girl meets such a man, it is still vision and a little bit vision. The small blessing

      The point of explanation, such a man is healthy, will not hurt your body due to smoking, drinking, playing games, and not hurting your lover, children n
      The second point shows that such men are very self -control and self -control. In the process of the growth of comrades, smoking, drinking, and playing games are a must -have experience in life. For a man without these hobbies, it shows that he is a man with excellent self -control ability. At the same time, he encounters other temptations in life. As his lover, he can rest assured that he has no these bad habits. He is a reliable man

      The third point, men who do not smoke, drink, and play games, or a man who lives. From an economic perspective, such a man is a good player of life. He will be responsible for family and career. He is an economical man

      This talk about the sex of such a man?

      Men such men are not "Internal", but "Self -discipline". Everyone has their own hobbies, some fish raising, some like sports, some love to read books, play chess, and have their own love.

      The man with a self -discipline, the greater the free space, the more the man who feels reliable. Such a man should cherish

      Is a sound of a sound first?

      The other sounds are there many such men?

      Is when men did not smoke, do not drink, do not intersection. Going out of ghosts is the only standard for a good man

      But in the current era, this is completely a thorough thorough The loser with a thorough head, definitely, welcome to lift the bar!

      Mosts such men are two types, but no matter what they live in their own world, introverted, lonely, selfish, there may be great wisdom, great ambitions, super ability capabilities, super ability capabilities , Can go big goals!

      The first type, mud, is completely eliminated by society, but he is powerless or unwilling to integrate into the society, abandon himself.

      The second type, BUG, ​​no intersection, no need to please others, no need to make money, no interpersonal relationship, everything will surround him, he can live in his own world And very happy, very happy, he does not need to communicate with the world, and some people will do everything for him.

      Sometimes I think about why someone asks such a question. Thousands of people will have thousands of answers. No matter how many people answered, it seems that it can't be solved, but it is just an apprentice.

      It, since it is just a happy one, it is okay to talk nonsense. What kind of person will be a man who does not smoke, does not drink, does not communicate, does not play games? The young man, if he can do not touch the wine, it is estimated that it is rare. In the flower world, I don't know who can do not get dripping. If there are such young people, then he can really be said to be isolated from the world, without friends, even ordinary friends. Imagine that a group of colleagues or classmates gathered together. Everyone was drinking and respecting each other. Even people who couldn't drink anymore had to drink. Unless the body was seriously allergic to alcohol, I was the most the best. You can't drink anymore, you must cater to others on some occasions and drink it hard. So I think this proposition is not established.

      It seems to say too much. Since the problem is not drinking, not smoking, not to communicate. He did not drink and smoke, but his muddy workers and carpenters were well -made, and many people asked him to work. On the dinner table, others drinking and smoking him to eat, and he chatted the same, and there were quite a lot of words. It can be seen that people who do not drink or smoke are also communication. Even the communication is not bad. The key is that you have to be a bit extraordinary. People admire you.

      If addition, if you do not communicate and do not communicate with others, you have always been alone, then it is estimated that it has autism. Imagine who can this world be separated from communication? Can I eat alone, can I work alone? Can I not deal with people? Go home and sleep. If this is a normal person, what kind of life is this?

      If there are such people, then he must be autistic patients.

      The definition of many things cannot be prejudiced. First of all, how to say the definition of social and game -social and game. The rational analysis is related to the orientation positioning of the individual, and it is also related to the personality of the individual and the pursuit of life and the goals of life. It also has a great relationship with individual self -control and self -discipline IQ.

      The people think that it is not the crooked theory of men who do not burn smoke or drink, and it has become the mantra of a man with too many negative energy. The key is that people's self -awareness and individual positioning of life are viewed! Too many successful people in history are people with very strict self -control and self -discipline, and they have not used these things as an important living style. And there are too many men in socializing these things as a special practice to show up, showing very men, and reality is the face of slapping-all the things that are not resentful. It is mostly a fracture to make those who succeed in the name of being fame!

      This is the king's goal of pursuing his own life. Don't live in the mouth of others and lose yourself. You can make it famous. Even your negative energy hobbies are good in the eyes of some people. If you have no right to wealth, even if you are a hobby of positive energy, there will be some people who will hungry and laugh at you to insult you! Intersection Intersection This reality can be confirmed in reality in history. Take Ma Mou as an example! There are more fortunes, and some people who have a shit in a chicken will pay for the bills. Singing the first five sounds of incomplete songs also applaud people. You can also pretend to fight the martial arts masters in the film and television. Just like the new costume of the emperor, even if the ugliness is praised! Intersection So I have a good self, let the other let the dog say!

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