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    What configuration does a laptop computer play game need


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “What configuration does a laptop computer play game need”
    1. The first is the graphics card, the key first factor in determining performance. There is no graphics card with a cow X, and the best configuration to play games is also a waste. For civilians, there are cost -effective games, and the price of the graphics card should be 1.5 times that of the CPU. The graphics card mainly depends on the chip specifications bit width memory frequency. The memory capacity is not a problem. 1GB is enough. Basically unique choice, 512M? Ignore! 2GB? sweat! Generally speaking, it is too high -end. The 2GB graphics card, the decent is HD6950, HD6970, we can't afford it. Low -mid -range card, 128bit DDR5, mid -to -high -end card, 256bit DDR5 standard. The second is the CPU. I did not see the past CPU, and sometimes I was very depressed. For example, interstellar hegemony 2 ... For example, GTA4 ... It doesn't matter if it is the core, the key is that the frequency is high. At present, many games are not in place for multi -core optimization, but they are very sensitive to the frequency. At present, the 4 -core main frequency of 3GHz is the basic requirement. The third is memory, and the memory is too small. However, now the price of memory cabbage is not sold for 4GB, so this demand is simple. As long as there are more than 4GB of memory, how can you play. Finally, it is extremely important: keyboard and mouse. This determines the feel of the game. Sometimes its effect exceeds the CPU! CPU slowly, the StarCraft may not lose, and the mouse does not listen to the call, then you lose and want to smash the computer ~~ I have fallen the keyboard. Of course, the case is good or not, how noise control, whether the display is high enough and high, and it also affects the fun of your game, including whether the sound quality is good? But what determines performance is always: graphics card> CPU> memory, keyboard mouse depends on individuals, some people think it is the most important.

    2. Different games have different requirements for hardware and software, such as graphics cards, CPUs, memory, operating systems, etc. It is recommended to confirm what game you want to play, and then choose the model that meets the recommended configuration according to the game needs.

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