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    What are the fun games that do not require real -name authentication?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The fun games that do not need real -name authentication include "Toy Tower Defense", "Defending Radish", "Tribe Conflict", "Royal War", "Kingdom of the Kingdom" and so on.
      1. "Toy Tower Defense"
      Toy defense is a tower defense game with the theme of toy soldiers. The game of the game is full of cartoon, and the battle field scenes are different, but the toy style has always run through it. In addition, the effect of shooting and explosion are also very cartoonized. Although it is a toy war, the rhythm of the game is very nervous, and the arms that need to be arranged attentively to win.
      2, "Defending Radish"
      "Defending Radish" is a tower defense game. The task is to defend good radish, don't let it be eaten by aliens. Each radish has 10 blood health, that is, there are 10 opportunities for "bite" by monsters. When the health is 0, the task fails.
      E each theme has three major types of monsters: small 喽, its blood volume and speed are relatively average. Flying monster, fast speed, and thin blood volume. The giant monster of the last round of attacks is very thick, but the movement speed is very slow.
      3, "Tribe Conflict"
      "Clash of CLANS (COC) is a tower defense mobile game developed by Finnish game company Supercell OY. On September 24th, official beta.
      The game tells the story of countless tribes in order to compete for resources and land. Players can build training camps, barracks, city walls and other buildings for their villages to strengthen their own military strength, protect their army, protect Good villages, at the same time, can invade other tribes, plunder more resources, and make your army stronger.
      4, "Royal War"
      "Tribe conflict: Clash Royale" (Clash Royale) is a mobile game, such as instant strategy, MOBA, and cards launched by Finland game company SuperCell. Published on the App Store on January 4th. On July 4, 2016, the Tencent platform was available, and the "Tribe Conflict: Royal War" will add WeChat / QQ to log in, and the others will not change.
      5, "Kingdom of the Kingdom"
      "The Kingdom Defense War" is a development of an alternative strategy game. Players need to build turrets or similar buildings on the map to prevent the tower defense of the enemy's attack in the game in the game. Type strategy game.
      The kingdom is threatened. Players will use their own troops, magicians and soldiers to resist a large number of orcs, giants, evil elves, and other annoying devils. The battle scene includes in forests, mountains and wastelands, etc., and the defense tower of the game upgrade strengthens its own troops.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. Fire Elite: "Fire Elite" mobile version is a FPS competitive shooting mobile game developed by 4399, 4399 mobile game network (4399 game box). Players can freely control movement and shooting, perfectly compatible with mobile phones and WIFI networks, and achieve 4V4 and other multi -player battles. In addition to blasting, biochemical and other modes, the unique mech mode of the game, unique science fiction style 2. Happy star star: Happy starry is a leisure puzzle game with fresh pictures and simple gameplay, which can make money. 0.3 yuan can be withdrawn every day. You can get the stars by customs clearance. The stars can be exchanged for cash or fresh fruits. 3. Third Sword Legend: The third sword legend mobile game uses the top 3D engine design, exquisite and delicate game screen, and the richest game story story. 4. New Swordsman Love Mobile Games: New Swordsman Love Mobile Games have sixteen martial arts, diverse professional skills, and broad game maps, so that players have a richer game experience. 5. It is a hammer: a hammer game is an interesting leisure breakthrough mobile game. In the game, players need to eliminate breakthroughs through continuous efforts, so as to eliminate more viruses and unlock new levels. big.

    3. All game operation platforms need real names.
      has attracted widespread attention since the implementation of the real -name system of online games. Regardless of adults or minors, in online games, real information must be registered to continue the game. In September 2018, the mobile game "Glory of the King" was connected to the public security data platform, and on this basis, a small -scale face recognition technology test was performed by video authentication.
      In October 2018, "Glory of the King" starts with the nine cities such as Beijing, and officially launched the compulsory public security real -name verification of all users of the game. The game account that fails to pass the verification will be prohibited from logging in. With real -name certification, many online game companies have launched the anti -addiction system to limit the time of the online game of minors.
      It regulations:

      The notifications are clear, online game operation enterprises are developed by open user registration, open online game charging system, and provide online game technology tests that can be directly registered and logged in to the server It belongs to online game operations.
      notifying the distribution service of virtual props, and a specification of virtual props with online games with virtual currency attributes of online games and providing virtual props and value -added services in a "random extraction" method. Back to the way to avoid suspected gambling. Strengthen the protection of online game users' rights and interests, add consumer reminders, and emphasize the protection of personal information.
      The notification also improves the post -event supervision mechanism during the operation of online game operations, clarifying "dual random one open" as the main supervision method, online inspection and on -site inspection as the main random inspections, emphasizing the use of credit supervision such as blacklist and warning list as specifications as specifications as specifications Important means of market order.

    4. The fun games that do not need real -name authentication include "Toy Tower Defense", "Defending Radish", "Tribe Conflict", "Royal War", "Kingdom of the Kingdom" and so on.

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