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    What are the English abbreviations in World of Warcraft and what do you mean? Please help list, more detailed


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    1. ADD -(English) an additional monster adds to the existing battle.
      adm- (Pind) Odman (copy).
      afk -(English) Away from Keyboard, leave the keyboard (temporarily leave). This means that the player leaves his computer.
      ag- (Person) Ogrimma, place name. The orc main city.
      agi -(English) agility, agile.
      ah -1 (English) ACTION HOUSE auction house 2 (Person) Mourning Cave (copy).
      al- (British) Ashcandi, the sword (weapon) of the Brotherhood, is named because it is engraved with the word A.L on the sword.
      alx- (Personal) place name, usually refers to the Alashi Basin (battlefield).
      aOe -(English) Area Effect Damage, regional magic. It refers to a group of monsters that can hurt a group of monsters in a region, such as the snowstorm and Olympic explosion of the mage.
      ap -(English) Attack Power, attack strength
      aql- (Person) Anqira Temple (copy)
      av- (English) Alterac Valley, Ultrank Valley (battlefield).

      be -(English) Blood ELF blood elf.
      bk -1 (Personal) Bi Kong Song (one -handed sword). 2 (English) Blood Knight Blood Knight.
      BL- (Personal) tribe.
      blz -(English) Blizzard Blizzard, generally refers to Blizzard Snow Entertainment Co., Ltd.
      buff -(English) Putting with monsters or players' beneficial magic. For example: the fire of the pastor's soul [Inner Fire], full of bloodthirsty [bloodlust].
      bug -(English) Buried bug, the finger computer system is wrong in the World of Warcraft.
      boss -(English) Big Monster. That is the leader of the monster. The BOSS that players said in World of Warcraft refer to the leader of a monster. The leader -level monsters are generally elite monsters. It is much more difficult to hit it than ordinary mobs.
      bwl - (English) Blackwing Lair's nest (copy).

      cs- (middle) Countr Strike's counter -terrorist elite, the skill of the dwarf in the world of World of Warcraft: Anti -fear of the enchantment.
      cwow -(English) China World of Warcraft World of Warcraft Mosaic Server.

      dk- (British) Death Knight, Baron Ryve Dell, the final boss -Baron Dell of the World Tan Suso Mother in World of Warcraft.
      DKP -(English) Dragon Kill Point Dragon Slaying Dragon Slayer, a copy of the equipment distribution system. Every time a BOSS is killed, the corresponding scores will be given to each player.
      dly- (Pind) Druid.
      dm -(English) DIRE MAUL, Momato (copy) of doom.
      dot -(English) DAMAGE Over Time, constantly hurting the target for a period of time.
      down -(English) pushed down and eliminated.
      DPH -(English) single damage.
      dps -1 (English) Damage Per Second, damage per second. 2 (middle) refers to the occupation responsible for damage output in the team.
      druid -(English) Druid.
      DE -BUFF -(English) Armos is reduced to a unit with a negative effect. A typical "de-buff" is a slowdown.
      dz- (spell) thief.

      farm -(English) refers to repeatedly killing the same monster in the same place to obtain benefits. Chinese name: Brush.
      fb- (spell) copy.
      fd -(English) FRIST DOWN, for the first time, destroy.
      fm -(English) Full Mana, full of mana. (Personal) Apixed
      fs- (Personal) Master.
      fwd- (Personal) Ferrode Forest place name is located in the northern part of Gray Valley.
      fx- (Person) Anqila Railway (copy)

      g- (English) GOLD gold coin.
      gd- (spell) razor highland (copy)
      gm -(English) Game master, game administrator. Some people who are hired by game companies to help and assist players.
      G group- (middle) a copy of the distribution system. When a piece of equipment falls behind, the needy players are racing through gold coins. When the activity is over, the head of the regiment will allocate all the gold coins obtained.

      HF- (Personal) World of Warcraft Korean server.
      HK- (Person) Haka, the final boss of Zulgrab.
      hot -(English) Health over time, continuous treatment effect. Such as Druid's back of the Spring Festival.
      HP -(English) Hit point, health. The maximum value of HP in World of Warcraft is mainly increased through endurance.
      hunter - (English) Hunter.

      - (English) copy. There is a type of dungeon in "World of Warcraft". When you and your team enter it, you will be loaded into a copy of this land city that belongs to you. Only you and your team can appear here. Other teams entering this area will automatically enter their own copy. Int -(English), intelligence.

      jd- (Personal) Golden, a boss in Zergrab.
      jjg- (Personal) Boneya Valley, place name, located on the south of the Twilight Forest.
      jjs- (Pind) Gakissen, place name, located south of Qianxian Stone Forest.
      jy- (Personal) Elite monsters, that is, there is a circle of golden dragons around the avatar.

      LM- (Personal) Alliance.
      lok- (British) Loccimir Elotman His (one -handed hammer)
      loot -(English) takes property from the killed monsters or charter box.
      LR- (spell) Hunter.
      LVL- (English) level, level.

      mage- (English) Master.
      mc- (English) molten core melting the fire of the fire (copy).
      mf- (Personal) World of Warcraft North American server.
      mj- (Personal) vest refers to another ID or character of the same person.
      mld- (Personal) Marlaton (copy).
      mmo - (English) Massively Online, large multiplayer online.
      mmog- (English) Massively Online Game, large multiplayer online game.
      mmorpg- (English) Massive Online Role Playing Game, large multi -player online role -playing game.
      mob -(English) monster.
      MP -(English) Magic Point magic value. The magic value in World of Warcraft is mainly through intelligence.
      ms- (Personal) Rev..
      mt -(English) Main Tank's main tank is the best general equipment in the team.

      naxx - (English) naxxramas Naxramas Nightsas (copy)
      ne- (English) night eLF dark night elves.
      nef/nf- (English) The final boss Naiferian of the Black Wing Nest.
      nerf -(English) weakened.
      newbie -(English) rookie, sometimes used to describe a term of new players, but also used to refer to those players with poor technologies.
      NGA- (English) Ai Celas National Geographic, Related Website of World of Warcraft.
      Ninja/ninjia- (British) Ninja, refers to the person who does not need equipment itself.
      npc-(English) Non-Player-Character, a non-player-controlled role. This character is usually controlled by the server. That is a "computer" role.

      of- (Personal) World of Warcraft European server.
      og -(English) 1 The god of ancient times. 2 Ogrimma.
      omm- (British) Onicthia's nest (copy).
      ony -(English) ONYXIAS LAIR Black Dragon Princess Onict Hia.
      oom - (English) out of mana, the mana is exhausted. People usually use this sentence to remind other players that he has no mana and can no longer cast spells, especially to treat magic.
      orc- (English) Orcs.
      ot -(English) Over Taunt, hatred is out of control. Tip: OT is a phenomenon that everyone does not want to see in the copy. In case you OT, it is likely to lead to the destruction.
      otman- (middle) people who cause hatred out of control, some servers are also called Ultraman.

      pal- (English) Paladin Paladin.
      pc -(English) Player Character, the role of player control.
      pff -(English) Play for Fun. Play for entertainment. Belongs that belong to such players are generally unwilling to be restrained by the treaty or the Grand Guild system, and they will not pursue higher goals in the game like a game madman. Looking for some games that are not noticed by ordinary people. The biggest feature of PFF players is that there are fewer daily launch and a bit of shabby weapon.
      pfu -(English) Play for Uber. Game pioneer. Such players like to challenge new levels in the game and pursue stimuli. Players who belong to this type are generally more common in the general guilds. They like to have a rigorous team and atmosphere to fight for higher goals. PFU players are characterized by less gossip, stretching things, and long online time (almost every day in the game). Generally, there will be an enviable best equipment!
      pk -(English) Player Kill, players attacked and tried to kill him without the consent of another player.
      priest -(English) Rev..
      pve -(English) Player vs., fighting between players and computer control opponents.
      pvp- (English) Player vs. Player, player to players. It is one player attacking another player.

      qs- (spell) knight.

      rag -(English) The last boss Yan Mo Lagnaros.
      raid -(English) large -scale operations by a group of players in a certain area are called RAID.
      RAQ- (English) Ruins Ahnqiraj Anqi Land (copy).
      RL - (English) head.
      rogue -(English) thief.
      roll- (English) roll the dice. If you have a green equipment above the team, the game will appear to indicate whether you want to roll the dice in the game by default. If you ordered the dice, it means you want to compete with your teammates. At this time, you will get a randomly obtained point, and those with large points will be able to get equipment. If the points are the same, then the person who rolls the dice will give priority to the equipment.
      rp- (spell) character. As the saying goes, goodness and good news are reported, so in World of Warcraft, RP extension is the personal attributes of the level of throwing points or the probability of the item.

      s - (English) Silver silver coin.
      sf- (Personal) 1 The follow -up follow -up, also called the sofa. 2 Private server.
      shaman- (English) Shaman. (It can also be said to be pinyin ...)
      sm- (Personal) 1 Shaman Master. 2 Temple.
      solo - (English) The original meaning is solo. Generally, the game generally refers to the unilateral leveling task in the field.
      ss- (spell) 1 warlock. 2 Epic is usually used to refer to the verstel of the priest's epic and hunter's epic bow.
      SSF -(English) Staff of shadow flame shadow pornographic pantomor (staff) black wing finally drops.
      st- (Personal) Copy Stanso Mother, also known as STSM.
      sta -(English) Stamina, endurance.
      str -(English) stream, strength.
      sw -1 (Personal) Copy Death Mine. 2 (British) Storm Wind Blizzard City.

      tank -(English) tank. The melee characters who can bear a lot of damage and are mainly responsible for the strange task in the team are usually soldiers.
      taq - (English) Temple Ahnqiraj Anqira Temple.
      TB -1 (spell) substitute group, some copies may be too long, which may cause personnel fatigue to continue. Therefore, a substitute team that sets a copy of the surrounding activities is generally more professional. 2 (English) Thunder Bluff Thunder Cliff
      TBC- (English) The Burning Crusade expansion.
      TD- (spell) razor height.
      TF- (Personal) World of Warcraft Taiwan server.
      TL- (Person) Tongling College (copy).
      tr - (British) Tirzh, a region of the East plague
      TS -(English) Team Speak voice software, which is basically the same as UT function.
      TT- (Personal) Titan, generally made from Titans (potion).
      T1 -(English) refers to the professional suits dropped by the core of the fire.
      T2-1 (English) refers to the professional suits that are mainly dropped by the nest of the black wing. 2 (English) The upper layer of the Blackstone Tower (copy). 3 (middle) some servers refer to Tir's hand.
      T2.5- (middle) refers to the professional suits obtained through prestige and materials in the Temple of An Qira.
      T3 -(British) refers to various professional suits dropped by Naxmaz.

      ud -(English) Undead does not die.
      ui - (English) plug -in.
      ut -(English) refers to the voice software Utalk can use voice to command the team.

      Warlock -(English) warlock.
      Warrior- (English) soldier.
      WG- (spell) **, will be blocked after use.
      wow -(English) English abbreviation of World of Warcraft World of Warcraft.
      WS -(English) War Song Gulch, War Song Canyon (Battlefield).

      xlss- (Pind) The place name of Hillyzus is located in the southwest corner of Carli's mother.

      y- (spell) silver coins.
      yy- (spell) 1 unfastener message or statement. 2 Yingya Castle (copy). 3 Yinying monsters. This is a vocabulary that appears relative to elite monsters. The avatars of Yinying Monsters have a circle of silver dragons.

      zg- (English) Zulgurub, Zulgrab (copy), some servers are also called zug.
      zs- (spell) warrior.
      zul -(English) Zulfarrak, Zul Farak (copy).
      ZZ- (Personal) Razor Swamp (copy).

      The dwarf copy -Noomorgen (copy).

      The peeling knife -Fentker's peeling knife (dagger), the upper layer of the Blackstone Tower dropped, named after improving the peeling skills.
      The peeling sword -Zulian cutter (one -handed sword).

      Kite -A tactic, by maintaining a certain distance and using remote attacks to destroy the enemy. Mainly used by hunters.

      BOSS in the Dog Men and Women -Bloody Monastery Temple.
      Dog claws -Kloga Gusus's claws.

      Haka sword -Sinles, abbreviations (weapons) in the world.
      Is a race in the World of Warcraft, generally referring to the nest (copy) of Oniehia.
      The upper layer of Blackstone Tower (copy).
      M black hand -1 orc's clan, the patriarch of the family is the name of the name of the two -handed hammer.
      It black -the lower layer of Blackstone Tower (copy).
      environmental protection -green equipment.
      Maton stick -Silver Crusade (task staff).
      Mars -generally refers to the backward news in the forum or distinctive thoughts.

      The landlord -cultivated land. The meaning of the barriers to wasteland in Warcraft can be understood as challenging unlike BOSS. The process of barriers to barriers is very difficult. If there is no familiar person, then wasteland means that you will be destroyed N times. Through blood experience, let those who participated in RAID know how to kill a big monster who had never killed.

      Laochakus. The final BOSS of Nankasas.
      Dragon jj -the tendon of adult blue dragon, the hunter's epic task required task items.
      The radish -Ferrode Forest obtained the reward whip roots and blocks, named after the shape of its icon.

      This lid -Marisdal defense (shield), named after its shape.
      door panel -source barriers (shield).

      Mountain mouth Mountain -WOW's Chinese character pictographic writing method.
      The abyss -there are two copies in World of Warcraft: Dark Abyss and Blackstone Abyss, which usually refers to Blackstone Abyss.
      Temple -1 Hakale Temple (copy) 2 Anqira Temple
      Cross -1 place name, crossroads 2 some server refers to the blood -colored cross military region (copy) of Stanso Mother.
      The harvest -a battlefield team that organizes fighting in the server. Also known as the national team.

      The dragon knife -Queilcela mission weapon. It was named after triggering its task "Freul's Dragon Sweeping Technical Outline".

      Five Xiaqiang -World of Warcraft 2 heroes who close the Dark Gate have their statues in the Heroes of the Storm City.

      Il -Haka sword, because its attributes are similar to the reduction of the altar, and it is fixed.
      Is Little Red Hat -Bishop's crown (hat).
      Xiaokk Cusen, the final boss of the Anskra Temple.

      toothpicks -The thorn (long -handed weapon) of the desert plunder
      -refers to let the mage cast lamb to XX.
      The funny title of one egg -the character in the history of World of Warcraft Elidan (also translated Yudian).
      corn stick -violent growth of the staff (staff); first says the wings of the shadow (staff), named because of its shape.

      The funny statement of pig wind/Everest -Fengyou Sword (weapon).
      The skills of Druid.

      1t- (middle) main tank.
      110- (middle) refers to the patrol monster.
      2t- (middle) sub -tank.
      51- (middle) Lich.
      58- (middle) scarred, the final boss of Anqila ruins.
      9c- (middle) ninth city company.
      *Broken- (middle) refers to the skill of the warrior. For example, 4 breaks represent the armor of the armor 4 times.

      110 is to ask you not to lead to patrol monsters
      References: World of Warcraft Bar

    2. TL = Tongling Institute
      stsm = Stansomam
      black top = black stone pagoda
      Black Wing Nest Point (Team Copy)
      Ittaiths are basically abbreviations of Chinese Pinyin's beginning letter
      dz = thieves zs = warrior SS = warlock ms = priest SQ (qs) = Plasma (knight) SM = SM = SM = Shaman
      dly (Little D) = Druid fs = Mage LR = Hunter BB = Baby
      AH = auction house or mourning cave (mostly auction houses)
      al = Ashkadi, Sword of the Brotherhood
      jjg = 荆
      jjs = Gagson
      The other place names are basically Chinese pinyin starting letters
      ninja = English original meaning "Ninja" World of Warcraft usually refers to random winning chaos. People who do not belong to (or should not take) equipment
      rp = character, luck
      BS = despise
      roll = rolling dice (better equipment must be determined by roll, who Roll Points and high equipment are the chaotic roll. If ninja will be BS)
      cd = skill cooling time
      solo = English original meaning is that a person usually levels alone to do tasks
      WG = Plug -in (with plug -in title)
      UI = plug -in (the plug -in does not have the title but be careful of the Trojan horses)
      mt = the main tank (the anti -monsters are usually soldiers)
      ot = hatred overflow (hatred overflow (hate overflowing (hate overflowing (hate overflowing (hatred The hatred of someone in the team is easily destroyed after the MT OT)
      dot = continuous damage (e.g. SS's corrosion pain curses ==)
      aOe = scope attack (group attack, such as the flames of the Olympic SS of FS SS Rain)
      raid = Team
      110 = Monster of patrol
      buff = gain magic
      Debuff = reduction magic
      dps = damage per second
      dph = single damage r r r r r r r r r r r r r r NDKP = Dragon Slayer Index (It can be understood that the degree of contribution The later team copy is that the union organization is organized by the union organization. If you get the device you want in these copies, you cannot roll. Alliance BL = Tribe
      g = Gold S = Silver C = Copper (English Beginning Alphabet)
      The above pure personal hands can temporarily think of it. Below is the official terms given
      ac -armor class, armor level or defense.
      add -an extra monster adds to the existing battle.
      aOe -Area Effect Damage, regional magic. It refers to a group of magic that can hurt a group of monsters in a region, just like the Storm Snow Magic of Warcraft Third Middle School.
      ae -Area Effect, regional action damage
      afk -away from keyboard, leave the keyboard. This means that the player leaves his computer.
      aggro -The word means that monsters are crazy and you have "activated" them to start attacking you. They are now trying to approach and attack you. "Murlings have been affected by Aggro" or "If you continue to approach, the mermaid will be Aggro."
      agro radius -the area around the monster, entering it means that the monster will "wake up" and attack you.
      agi -agility, agile
      bind -determine your rebirth place after death. "Bind" means setting up the binding spirit point.
      buff -Putting with monsters or players' beneficial magic. The fire of the pastor's heart [Inner Fire] or the bloodthirsty of blood is a typical buff.
      carebear -I like to help other players attack monsters, rather than players who attack other players in PVP
      Caster -non -"tank" character, such as mage.
      Cheese -profitability of using the unbalanced game.
      Critters -Monster who will not fight back in the face of the attack, such as the deer and the little rabbit.
      DD -Direct Damage, direct damage. It is used to describe the damage caused by a magic is one -shot, which takes effect rather than continuous damage.
      dmg -damage, damage.
      dot -damage over time, constantly harming the target for a period of time.
      DPS -DAMAGE PER Second, damage per second.
      DE -BUFF -A magic with a negative effect is reduced to a unit. A typical "de-buff" is a slowdown.
      fh -full health, full of life.
      fm -full mana, full of mana.
      gm -game master, game administrator. Some people who are hired by Blizzard Entertainment to help and assist players.
      gs -Goldshire, Flash Jin Town (place name).
      HP -HIT POINTS/Health, the number of damage points or health
      INCOMING (INC) -means an attack is about to occur.
      -In "World of Warcraft", there is a type of dungeon. When you and your team enter it, you will be loaded into a copy of this land city of you, only you and your team Can appear here, other teams entering this area will automatically enter their own copy.
      int -, intelligence.
      kos -Killed on Sight, the enemy meets. If an orc is moving towards a human defensive position, then the prestige will try to kill him (anger) when he sees it.
      KS -Kill Steal, stealing, trying to kill the monster that another person is dealing with.
      lfg -looking for a group, looking for a team to join.
      lol -lots of laph/laughing out loud, laugh. This abbreviation means that something is really funny. But unfortunately, although the word is very common, it has been easy to cause some irrational behaviors since a long time ago (translator: after all, some people are easily ridiculed). As a change, you can use "haha haha" or "ha ha ha ha" to replace it. Although these two words are relatively not the best choice, it is easier to be accepted. ROFL (laughing to roll) is also a word that should be avoided as much as possible. (Translator Shyso: In short, this paragraph is to mention that everyone pays attention to the Internet etiquette. Some words with too strong emotional colors are best not to talk with people who are not familiar with)
      lom -Low On Mana, mana, mana, mana, mana, mana, mana insufficient.
      LOS -LINE of Sight, sight.
      loot -Get property from the killed monsters or charter.
      LVL -Level, level.
      mmo -massively online, large multi -person online.
      mmog -massively online game, large multiplayer online game.
      mmorpg -Massive Online Role Playing Game, large multi -player online role -playing game.
      mob -monsters.
      newbie -rookie, sometimes used to describe a term of new players, but also used to refer to those players with poor technologies.
      newb -The abbreviation of newcomers, see it.
      NN00B -One is a kind of impolite to call the newcomer. Please don't use it.
      NPC-Non-Player-Character, a non-player role. This character is usually controlled by the server. That is a "computer" role.
      oom -out of mana, the mana is exhausted. People usually use this sentence to remind other players that he has no mana and can no longer cast spells, especially to treat magic.
      PC -Player Character, the role of player control.
      PET -Non -player creatures controlled by players, such as a wolf or a hell dog, etc.
      pk -Player Kill, players attacked and tried to kill him without the consent of another player.
      PULLER -players responsible for attracting monsters.
      pullling -A player in the team is responsible for attracting one or more monsters and takes them to the place where the team is so that other players in the team can attack these monsters. This method can avoid being attacked by a group of monsters.
      pvp -Player vs. Player, player to players. It is one player attacking another player.
      raid -a large -scale combat of a group of players in a certain area is called RAID.
      Release -Click the "Release the Soul" button and regenerate in the binding stone.
      Re -spawn -A killed monster was born again (was created).
      SPAWNS -In the game world, the monster is located or the process or the process of appearing.
      SPI -spirit, soul.
      sta -stamina, endurance.
      stack -The number of similar items stacked in the same grid.
      str -stringth, power.
      tank -I am a melee role that can withstand many injuries, such as a soldier.
      train -leading a group of monsters to another player. This behavior is usually unpopular.
      WF -WESTFALL, West law (place name).
      WTB -WANTING to Buy, want to buy.
      WTS -WANTING to Sell, want to sell.

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