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    The first part of the Northeast Family 1


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “The first part of the Northeast Family 1”
    1. "The Northeast Family" is a Northeast scenario comedy directed by Yingda in 2001. Like "I Love My Family" 8 years ago, a total of 120 episodes of the show tells the story of a ordinary family in Changchun, Jilin.
      Lun uncle Niu played by Liu Qi before retiring, and after retirement, he still worried about his children's life with his wife; the eldest daughter Liu Jihong was a kindergarten teacher, divorced and remarried with the ex -husband, and the two had a 10 -year -old son; the son Niu Xiaowei worked at the factory before Uncle Niu's retirement. During the laid -off wave, he failed to become a laid -off worker. He turned to business and opened a restaurant.
      I daughter Niu Xiaoling graduated from her job and had no job, and lived a life of old age at home. This family gathered together and lived a interesting life.
      120, each episode is an independent story. In addition to several main actors, there are many big names to make guest appearances. Zhang Tielin and Feng Xiaogang have guests in the play, and they are starred in zero -film; Shen Teng made a guest appearance in the play, and he exposed 500 yuan a day in the show; Wang Gang made a guest fortune teller in the play in the play. Half immortal; Deng Chao made a guest appearance in the play.
      . Although the whole drama is not as classic as "I Love My Home", the whole drama is very real. There are not many traces of art processing. The record is the life of ordinary people. Enlightenment.

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