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    Talk about what are the classic stand -alone games?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Talk about what are the classic stand -alone games?”
    1. Xuanyuan Jian Tian's trace, Xuanyuan Sword and Fairy Sword are the masterpieces of domestic RPG, and the trace of the heavens is even more classic. Xuanyuan Sword has this more magnificent worldview, and the picture also has this typical ink painting style.

    2. The desktop machines in the family have the following games in the hard disk: Empire 1, 2, Red Police 2, Three Kingdoms 11, CM-FM series, hero invincible 2, 3, big sailing era 4. Allied death team 1, 2, bounty reward Qi Bing, Civilization Series, Monopoly 4, Caesar Emperor 3. Pharaoh, Emperor, Jin Yongqun Xia Chuan, God Crazy, Fortress Series, Holy Battle Group Biography, Middle Ages Comprehensive War 2, Street Fighter 4, 4 Fighter 4

    3. Calculating according to my contact time, first in the era of great navigation 2. After that, Taege resolved 2, Beautiful Girl Dream Factory 2, and then the hero invincible 2, and then the Xianjian 1 will be more good after the game, Xuanyuan Sword series, hero legend series , Magic Gate series, at the same time, start the real -time strategic era, commands and conquest, Warcraft, KKND Jedi storm, red police.

    4. "The Legend of the Sword", Li Xiaoyao, who dreamed of heroes from an early age, eventually became a generation of heroes, but compared to the person he lost, I think he is more willing to be a carefree little mixed shop.

    5. The Three Kingdoms 11 power enhanced version, painting style, workmanship, historical plot, details (character lines, personality, and attach importance to the Han room), which is perfect.

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