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    1. When you become a citizen of Moore Manor, you have the following property, please take care of it: 2000 Moore's magical Moore beans are the only currency in the estate. Can you buy clothes, props, furniture, do your Moore still bare body? Don't go to the clothing store to see a house now you have 10 square empty houses. Note that it is an underground hut. You can dig it through your own labor and make it into a variety of interesting maze! There are many interesting games in the Moore Manor, including single, double, and many players. You can compete with other mice, such as a hearty football game. There will be rankings in each game. See if your name is on the top at any time! You must always pay attention to your level of growth. As the level rises, you can become the most knowledgeable and most respected mice in Moore Manor. The level of the new citizen is 0, don't worry, the smart mouse level will rise quickly! The Moore in the estate is not alone, and each Moore can adopt mysterious Moore elves in a pet shop. These elves will be sowed in Moore's hut. The Moore must take a look at them every day, feed them to eat, help them get their name games, and they will thrive under the care of their owners. Moore elf! SMC is the most mysterious organization in Moore Manor. Since the first day of the birth of Moore, every little Moore dreamed of becoming a member of this organization, and dreamed of the sacred SMC logo on his body. If you want to be a member of SMC, in addition to strict testing, more importantly, you have to have a helpful heart, because the members of each Super Moore Club are obliged to help other little Moore, you can serve as Police, tour guides, reporters and other interesting and sacred occupations in Moore Manor.
      If you do n’t have time to take care of your pets, you can take the pet shop ’s rainbow to take care of you for a while. Of course, Moore Doudou is essential. In the college, you can choose 7 days and take the exam after 7 days. As long as you pass the exam, you can also go to the mysterious scenes that others have dreamed of! ~
      game guideline gameplay part of the location
      1. Bubble dragon (in pet shops). (Innoles key and space, or mouse. Like the left mouse button to launch bubbles. If you can open the input method ~)
      2. Puzzle. (The second floor of the castle) (no need to say =. =)
      3. Card. Card stuck in the chessboard. Can't start. You must log in at this time!)
      4. The flow flow pouring. ↓ = to the left =. = Can't open the input method ~ Press the empty key to accelerate)
      5. Pick fruit. (Tree with a large tree hole in the berry jungle) (left -button of the mouse. Click the fireflies. Fireflies will automatically connect)
      7. Fishing. (Mysterious lake) Move the mouse. Don't click the left mouse button immediately. The fish will fall, and order it to Moore. Do not touch the box, shoes, sharks, crabs, sailor.)
      8. (Keyboard. Use the space first and then use the space. You cannot open the input method ~)
      9. Shooting. (Moore Police Station) (Mouse left button. Playground) (space or point icon, press the time! Jump!. Can not open the input method ~)
      11. Small farmer (happy farm) (left mouse button. Very like game such as vegetables.)
      12. Chess (hunter hut) (mouse dragged chess movement, the same as the displayed chess rules)
      13 skating (at the door of berry secret road) (mouse movement.)
      14 Monster (in the game cottage) (in the game cottage) ( Dianxian hammer. Start. Don't hit it like radish. That's a big tree elves (the big tree is called the big tree elves =. = I don't know what it is.)
      15 doll machine (also in the game cabin) (also in the game cottage) ( Direction keys, space clip. Can't open the input method ~)
      16 Happy Chef (Moore Restaurant) (Mouse. It is right to touch, and now you can't brush the vegetables. You need to play for a minute ~ There is beans! )
      17 racing (Momo Circuit) (direction keys, pressing a rocket accelerator according to the space, the premise is to pick up the accelerator.)
      18 Ram loves fish (Moro's sea floor) (mouse) (mouse) (mouse) Move. Eat the fish automatically immediately. No need to order. Unless you are side by side with the fish. Wait for him to come out.)
      19 Ski (the top of Moore Mountain) (the space acceleration, the direction key control is the same as 4, and the input method cannot be opened. ~ Also, if your computer is not available, there will be a problem with the same space, others are several times faster than you)
      20 Fire fighting Russian cubes (castle underground)
      21r4 robot Control the space key to confirm and rotate the left and right direction keys)
      22 Lianlianlian (game in the Western playground House) (The same continuous look at the mouse control, bending cannot exceed two)
      23 Rescue hostages (in the police station, click the left button to take off)
      n Sign up to study at the Academy Teaching Office. Ram College takes care of Ram's life during his studies. The academic completion of the college will arrange Ram to go home. The college's daily tuition is 100 Moore beans. (No need to be strange. The current tuition fee is doubled from 50 beans.) You can get it back to Ram in advance, and the tuition is not refundable. It is less than a day at school, calculated in one day.
      Course Introduction
      Flight class:
      The want to learn to fly, Ram must have the potential of flight, and only Ram at the advanced stage has this ability. After studying, Ram must pass the exam to take his little owner Moore to fly to the modern pier -that is, the entrance to the upcoming air city. The content of the test includes the principle of assembly bamboo dragonfly and model aircraft, and endurance test until it has the power to pull Moore to the air.
      diving classes:
      The can register for diving. The test items for diving courses are the puzzles of fish and boats, and the ability to close the air in the inspection. Ram who successfully passed the exam can blow out the diving bubbles and enter and exit the Moro underwater world with Moore freely.
      Language class:
      Do you want your Ram to talk to yourself occasionally? The higher the level of Ram, the more language you can learn. After the class, Moore can give his own Ram in the hut for post -class counseling^_^Ram and the owner must cheer! Intersection
      Brealous lessons:
      The teaching office has three ramps that love to trouble, they all have their own unique abilities, Ram can learn their ability from him ~. Pink Rammi Mimi Mismic, he does not like to talk, but the tables and chairs of the classroom, blackboard, classroom walls have become his graffiti board. He will teach Ram's graffiti skills. After learning, your Ram can be in the castle The underground graffiti ~~ Orange Rammimklit is a singing master. His hair is strange, just like a rock singer. After he taught Ram's singing ability, Ram can show his singing at home! Their interesting lyrics will make you laugh. Maybe when you return to the hut, you can hear your Lam's singing ~ Blue Rammami Hashich is a handsome Ram, his hair cover After one of his eyes, many Ram would say, "This Ram is so handsome!" He was a master of dancing. After Rams learned to dancing with him, he could jump coolly Dance ~ As long as the Moore brought Ram who had learned to dance, he would dance with himself, and he would also dance, so you both will become a dance partner! You can only learn ability once a day, and you can learn another ability every other day. Those who learn these three abilities can become a trickist. You do n’t need to learn to learn art anymore ~~
      It has something to do with the reporter's task. As long as you study for one day, and you don't need to take the exam, Ram can learn from different levels.
      The clear mud lesson:
      This should be learned for seven days, and Ram who completed his studies will get a brush to help the little owner brush you. Lam at different levels can learn.
      Course table;
      Language class 1
      diving class
      R n Language class 1
      Language class 2
      diving lessons
      manual class
      n Language class 2
      diving class
      In flight class
      manual class

      Language classes 1:
      Go! The study time is 7 days, and Ram can learn some vocabulary and simple sentences. If you want to see the results of learning, please go back to the hut to Ram: Hello everyone, I think you are so good
      Language class 2:
      sky! You have to be patient, because Ram learned a complex statement, can you tell it after class: Are you happy? Miss me haha, don't be scared by its wonderful answer!
      Diving lessons:
      In your Ram to learn diving skills! As long as 7 days, Ram will flexibly master diving knowledge and skills. After completing the diving exam, it will take the owner to travel to Moro!
      It flight class:
      do you know? Advanced Ram has the potential to fly, you must let it take a flight class! In 7 days, Ram will learn flight knowledge and skills! After the flight exam, you can fly towards the Modern Pier with Moore Shun Tu Teng! I want to go!
      The test information
      Diving test:
      The Ram who took the diving class to take the diving exam!
      The test 1 knowledge puzzle: fighting out of the structural diagram of fish and ship, testing diving related knowledge.
      The test 2 Qi Rebellion ability: Test Ram's ability to close gas, see how long Ram can hold on underwater.
      Test 3 Diving Bubbles: Blowing out the bubble that can install Moore, this is the key to Rammo Moore diving.
      In the exam in order! How about you and Ram have confidence?
      In flight exams:
      The Ram who took the flight class to the school classroom flight angle, start:
      The test 1 assembly bamboo dragonfly: understand bamboo dragonfly, test flight -related knowledge.
      The test 2 assembly small aircraft: understand the aircraft structure and test flight -related knowledge.
      The test 3 flight endurance: See how long Ram can pull heavy objects to persist, this is the key to Rammore flying with Moore.
      congratulations! I believe your lively and smart Ram is absolutely okay!
      All exams must be qualified for the exam 1 week after Ram enrolled!

      1. Go to the Moore skating rink first and order the hoe. 2. Go to the mushroom hole to click that hoe. 3. Go to the Eastern Playground and order the iron 锹 in the swimming pool. 4. Go to the robot drawing on the wall of the invention house to see how to prepare. 5. Find everything to the SMC base. After playing these, I will give you a cheats by the way: 1. Watermelon hat: at the door of the game hut, now gone.
      2. Guide installation, police installation: complete SMC tasks after level 10.
      3. Skiboard: Gang Mao to find rubies (on the nose on the top of Moral's mountain).
      4. Five -color pulp, potion, Vulcan Cup team service: Go to see the strategy (there are many such stickers in the forum, what do I do? Sex: Process: BBS.51mole/Dispbbs .php? Boardid = 5

    2. Wizard:
      Requirements: When you reach level 5 (you just reaches level 5, you must refresh first, if the system will say that you have not reached level 5)

      (It is recommended to play happy chefs, passed the first level with 3 charm value, and the second level has 7 charm values.)

      four boxes of tape strategies

      1, red Tape (delicious food) in Moore Restaurant (the room on the right side of Moore Castle, behind the grains)

      2, yellow tape (colorful) in props stores (in Tao Taole Street, the roof is pulling pull The room of Mijin)

      3, green tape (god lamp flying carpet) in the magic carriage (next to the clown next to the playground of the air)

      4, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue The tape (full of views) is on the castle study (on the second floor of the Moore Castle, click the door)

      After finding four boxes of tape, go to the love guide club to find Jessi (Love Guide Club is in Love Church, the large house on the left side of the church, one of the doors of mushrooms, click, Jesse is in it)

      successfully became a guide, and obtained four -piece guidarian set
      n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n R n Police

      Requirements: Level 5 (same as above)

      The strength value above 20 (it is recommended to play bubble dragons, Moore beans and strength value) r r) r)

      The special material strategy:

      1, rare ore (snow mountain mine) (in Moori Balcony skating rink, beymark, you will see a small shovel, point more, click more Several times, you will get a piece of red rare ore) [Small secret: Moore should be as close to the small shovel as much as possible when digging]

      2, magic crystal (the underground of the castle [mushroom hole]) Click the left eye or right eye 12 or more [Try it on both sides]. You can also enter the mushroom hole from the magic mirror of the clothing store, the shovel on the wall, and dig it hard ~~)

      3, sand particles (swimming pool sand piles) (on the swimming pool sand pile of the east playground, click on a small shovel ~~ I dug countless times ~~)

      4, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry, chemistry Heating agent (farm invention house) (on the second floor of the Happy Farm, use red, green, dark blue, purple medicine deployment)

      ok ~~ Go to Ael (Police Station on the Church of Love, Oh ~~), becoming a police officer and having a police officer ~~

      The reporter

      Requirements: Level 5 (same as above)

      West Raiders:

      1, camera fuselage (Chinese chess) (hunter hut next to the Moore skating rink)

      2, film (R2 robot) )

      3, fluorescent powder (tree hole fireflies (Playing Firefly Fire Film Games [3000 points or more])

      4, handmade certificate certificate (receiving a handmade certificate) (put on the manual Lam to Ram class to receive the handmade certificate ~ ~)

      In after getting it, go to Moore Publishing House to find Amy (Moore Publishing House on the second floor of the big house next to the Church of Love [the roof is available in the word]), but it has not yet done it ~~

      Next, take the handmade Ram to find an Amy to assemble the camera, and the chance of assembling photos appear on the sofa

      Some reporters have new tasks. It is very simple. First, click on the printer on the rabbit table and publish an article. Then click the camera on the sofa to take a photo. Finally read the reporter's manual (on the table). OK pull.

      The oven material

      seven-color flower, air crystal ----- Modern Pier

      Take it in the nest, you can also catch the duck, you can get two duck eggs [Small secret: you can use tomatoes to attract ducks to gather, save time and effort]

      Happy Farm (you can choose the rabbit field, you can also play happy little farmers, all customs clearance can be randomly obtained)

      The ordinary foods are random, it is difficult to have an accurate recipe, but it is difficult to have a recipe, but Some special foods, I can give you a drip ~~

      Monthly cake = duck egg seven -color flower pumpkin (medium fire)

      Vegetable soup = air crystal mushroom carrot carrot carrot (High fire)

      jumping pudding = carrot edible berry pumpkin (small fire) [Consuming berries are synthesized with five -color berries to iron suitcases]

      small secrets :大家要多多注意烤箱旁边的那张菜谱哦,不时会更新的哦~~ rnrn各个游戏属性值rnrn增加力量值游戏: rn
      1, bubble dragon 2, drift 3, skiing 4, tug of war

      Add charm value game:

      1, happy little farmers 2, football game 3, pig and pig fast fast Run 4, fishing 5, Ram love to eat fish 6, catch fireflies 7, big trees plant fruit 8, ice on ice, mobilize (skating) 9, racing 10, diving healthy general
      to add wisdom value game:
      n n
      1, puzzle 2, Wuzi chess 3, chess

      This little Moore is yearning for the bottom and the sky ~ you need to take the study first ~ and then the exam. Today I will talk about how to pass the flight and diving exam.

      The flight test is relatively simple. The first two are assembly. It should be very simple. I won't talk about this.

      It is the test of Little Ram's endurance (I call it "Mouse Destruction King"). As long as you order Lim, it will fly up, and let the little Ram take the little Lam on the desktop until the desktop is on the desktop. Put things down (specifically clicking down the table or letting it decrease freely, I forgot ~) There are three things in total to put you on the table, so keep physical strength (display in the upper left corner)! When I put the last "soldier", the endurance was not enough, so I put it on the side of the table ~ Good danger ~ still put it up! Because you want to keep pointing, the power of your hand is enough! Another warm tip is attached: every time I fail, we must start with the assembly again, so I must be patient ~

      I only used it twice ~^ _^

      It about the relatively difficult diving test, there are 4 levels ~

      The first two levels are puzzles, and I don't say it.

      The third level of the third level is the most troublesome. Little Lam's ability to close the air cannot encounter walls and yellow pipes. As long as you reach football, it is very troublesome ~ Like the warm tips, pay attention to it. (I spent no less than thirty puzzles for the third level.) Press the arrow keys slowly, otherwise it will hit. However, pay attention to time, and the running will shrink soon, and it will be broken ~ another section will be included: your hand is pressed under the arrow keys (because the first part must go down), and then the other Just click to start, which will save a few seconds of valuable time, but you have to let it go immediately, because the sinking too fast will hit.

      The last level is much better than the third level. Many little Moore misunderstood the meaning, saying that it is necessary to put Lim. In fact, Mr. Kevin must be installed. R n, don't be big, otherwise bubbles will be broken ~

      Now more and more new tasks and new games are. Some friends who just arrived did not understand. So Little Pig Xia has helped everyone collect many basic problems and the latest task strategy
      The following are about Ram. Although I personally feel hungry, I will give him a thirst. My friend asked me how much to eat. Oh. Little Pig Xia did not pay much attention before. It was really difficult to hold, so the Pig Xiale found many friends. I asked many questions. I put all the information about Ram Find it.
      Is to be useful for the little Moore
      The Ram who just bought it is the seed stage. I won't eat it. I won't drink. I won't be hungry. I can't speak. I can't speak. .
      24 hours have not been in their early stages.
      Now everyone can click Ram to display the information, there is an arrow next to it. Open it is Ram's treasure box. They are all eating, drinking, washing, and playing.
      720 hours of intermediate stage grows two hair.
      2160 hours of advanced stages full of hair. You can fly
      At that time, everyone started to take the exam to go to school for Ram

      It is the addition of the food that Ram eats
      [Hunger 20. Thirst 20]) (20 Moore beans);
      rice dumplings (20 o'clock) (15 Moore beans);
      Chocolate beans (20 o'clock) (10 Moore beans);
      Cake pudding (40 points [hunger 20. thirst 20])

      It in Moore Manor, I believe that many players have played the game of Doll. It is skillful here to pinch dolls, otherwise it is difficult for you to really pinch the doll. Let's introduce the skills of the dolls to the players in an all -round way.

      At the beginning, only some ordinary big dolls were pinched.
      Thisy to the far right when clamping orange, then clamp the blue, and point to the left 13 times.
      The pink ball is to wait until a doll on the right is almost grabbed on the left or right side of the pink ball, and then grab it. The probability is not very high. I caught it 3 times before caught. Catch it after the solution to the left, don't face it, and there is a lot of dolls between the two new dolls ( - -, I don't describe it). This is easier to catch.
      Then this new red version of the doll should be grasped when the left is almost finished. Don't be too alignable.
      Any time we must be patient when catching the doll. 40 yuan a handle, I feel that I am still very great,.
      Is everyone can get a lot of harvest.

      The Moore's home in Moore Manor. What about the grew up? Do you want to upgrade quickly? Below we will lead the Moore to cross the difficulty of upgrade.

      The I only play the first two levels, which can be completed quickly, and fully use the replacement to speed up the completion speed. Because there are many graphics in 3,4 levels, and the proportion of beans and experiences given to the same level is the same as the 1,2 level, so after the second level, the game can basically end the game and start again. Of course, if you want to challenge the highest score, try to use the time of the game as much as possible. I hope everyone is happy to play. I am now 15th level. Hehe, a bit idle, I thought that level 15 can open a new task, it seems that it has not yet opened. Well, look forward to the game update.
      1. Playing the high mode of puzzle, you can earn 700-800 experience in one hour, 5000-8000 Modot!

      did you want to have an endless Moore bean in the Moore Manor game? If you buy clothes for a long time, won't you look good? No money. No way. You are too outdated! Go here to find money.

      The method of providing you: Earn 500 beans every day with red persimmon planting labor unions, then you can free up for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, go fishing for mysterious lakes, at least 50 fishing, you will earn 200 200. Dormou, fish twice, 5 minutes. Even 500 Moore beans. Then go to the Happy Farm to play the happy farmer. After finishing the four levels, you may get 400 Moore beans, play 2-3 times, and earn 1,000 Moore beans. Total 2000 Moore beans (if you are not enough to play chef 2- -3 levels will get 200-300 Moore beans). It will even be promoted to level 1. You only need to do this every day. Without 1 week, you will get 10,000 Moore beans, come on!
      1. Workers 500 beans (can only be played once a day)
      2. Small farmer clearance 400 beans (very time consuming, 2 minutes off)
      3. Bar 180 beans)
      Note: The above three types of beans are the most. Moore Manor Cheats

      1 Picking the ball by yourself 2 kinds of dishes are finished to 400 !! 3 Go to the farm to get persimmon, and then go to the ranch to catch duck 4 to work 5 is the fastest. Go to the library to find Personally brush five sons chess, win once, win at 60 losses once, 30 and 1 minute, earn hundreds !!!! (Absorbed !!)
      I used this trick to buy a house with a house full of house furniture !!

      The happy chef game in the restaurant. When you play in the first game, there will be bombs and a food bomb, N -frying N -frying of items! After the bomb and object bombs and food bombs are used up. Return. There will be bombs and a food bomb again again. Set 3 times and exit. There are 5 experiences and more than 50 Moore. Maybe the first level will pass! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection (After the first level, there are 10 experiences and more than 100 Moou.) This is more than N money!
      1. Play together, more fun, new happiness, new childhood Moore Manor make money cheats

      Do you still go online at home alone? Come and play with your friends! Moore Manor provides a healthy and wonderful virtual community for children and friends. It is a new and healthy play space for children online. The friends transformed into a mouse Moore to communicate through a variety of communication tools. At the same time Language filtering and timer security functions so that the chat between friends will not be disturbed by bad information, ensuring the security of communication between friends.

      2. Enrich interactive mini -game, fun and puzzle

      Happy mouse Moore is a friend who loves and play, Moore Manor is naturally indispensable Games, adventure, agile, you are not alone to play alone, you can also play with other friends. Racing, sliding grass, maze, etc. make you happy and unlimited.

      3. Moore Manor, let us claim

      Are you still a light mouse Moore now? Come and choose a set of personality for yourself. The clothing store of Moore Manor is a place where every little Moore is yearning for, where there will always be the latest and fashionable dress, from a cowboy hat full of Western style to the superman outfit beyond the reality, from the fashionable Kate movie star hairstyle to practical ones Ski set ... Almost every suit contains different personalities, hobbies and interests of mice.
      In addition to the hot -selling clothing of the clothing store, props stores are also indispensable parts of dressing. The props have made mice realize the desire that the ordinary world cannot reach, such as a magic magic stick, which can turn other rats into an unmoved scarecrow!
      This clothes and props can not only be bought at the store in Moore Manor. As long as you stroll around on Moore Avenue, you will also pick up your favorite things!
      In this colorful world, everything is determined by the little mouse and Moore. In the Moore Manor, we can claim ourselves.

      4. One Moore and one land, jointly builds Xintiandi

      has a mysterious Moore village in Moore Manor. This mysterious village was co -created by all Moore citizens. Each little Moore has a beautiful land that belongs to its own Moore Manor since he stays at the Moore Manor. Through his own excavation and dressing ability, the little Moore can use their hands to dig out their land with their own hands. You can tap a large room for yourself, or you can dig a channel and maze, you can distribute your own room, bedroom, kitchen, living room, game room, chess and card room, etc. in the pattern. Whether it is a traditional three -bedroom and two halls or a free -style living room, it is completely mastered by you, and all kinds of furniture, home appliances, and decoration materials are also allowed to make choices!

      5. Moore elves pets with love without limits

      In a wonderful Moore Manor, each mouse Moore can have a maximum of four Moore pet elves, the initial state Moore Pet elves are some cute seeds. They need to get the careful care of Little Moore in order to slowly grow, grow, and grow up. It is also Little Moore's responsibility to keep Moore's pet energy. When Moore's pet elves grow up, they will have a variety of magical functions to help the owner solve some difficulties that are usually incomparable!

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