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    Is there a few game platforms that can make money?


    Sep 22, 2022
    2 thoughts on “Is there a few game platforms that can make money?”
    1. You can do proxy
      The mobile game agency market is indeed very chaotic. Conduct directly: If you want to be a game agent, find Fenglin Mobile Games (14294). As long as you join, all games on the platform can be agent. There are guarantees for support, security, stability, and training. This is a video tutorial web link. At present, the lowest 100 agency fee can be entered the mobile game agent. Specifically, you can consult customer service.
      Mostly ideas: First, understand whether this platform mechanism is stable; second, how about the point, picture quality, and quality of this game; Situations and arrangements; what is the development prospects of the game industry at present; there are several solutions for a certain game promotion channel, how much measures are; finally, after the sales, because most people have not touched things, they will want to think about what they have ever come into contact with, and they will want to think about it. They will think about it. Think about doing free things. I thought, I haven't done this industry. In order to insurance, many people will choose to try it for free.
      In after understanding, after the familiar platform, I feel that I can develop, and then decide to cooperate with the publisher to join the agent. This will not lose too much, at most delay time.
      But what is the actual situation?
      has no experience to get free of charge. Most people have failed. Either I can't do it, or I am very optimistic about this industry. The industry loses confidence and is full of disappointment. I feel that the industry is not good at all. In fact, you think if you do n’t have any foundation and do it for free. Others have not provided it to you when promoting channels and solutions. Some also tell you some of the most superficial things. If the quality is not good, go to the promotion of others, and find someone else to get it. In this way, you want to uninstall the game you promoted, and there is no insurance between the between.
      . If you are just a person who has just joined the industry, under such a situation, you may feel that the industry does not make money. Isn't this normal?
      Then you feel that you consume a lot of time and energy, you may lose money, but more importantly, you lose this industry that you can reach.
      In lost is an opportunity to succeed, so do you still feel that the franchise fee of the first and secondary agents involved is expensive? Maybe some people will say that it is expensive, but if I don't want to pay so much money, it will definitely not guarantee to be successfully acquired at once. But since it is cooperation, it is necessary to protect their own interests. Give you the greatest help and teach you how to promote it. As long as you hold a ready -made game and push it in the gourd. Excuse me, which has a bigger chance of success? This is not obvious. As long as you work hard to operate with your heart, coupled with the support and joint efforts of franchisees, the chance of success will be greater. Let's take a look at Fenglin Mobile Games Web Link. This is the operation process of the proxy background. Starting from the first -level trial agent from Fenglin Mobile Games, 100 is fine, and there are various support.
      It a coordinated plan
      In fact, we must always do every challenge for not paying and insurance, so as to be rigorous and safe, and it is also very stable. If you want your status quo, you want to make your status quo. It will continue to develop smoothly. If you need to change your status quo or you want to have greater development, please believe that you have a chance.

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