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    Is Hilton an actor? She founded the brand for herself? Seeking Great God help


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    1. Paris Hilton, her appearance injected new vitality into this era. She is as sweet as Barbie and a tall figure, hot and sexy and sweet. Everyone thinks that this will be another blonde stunner after Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. She was not Hilton, but herself -Paris. Although there are giants, they are not spoiled children. She is ambitious, does not do family parasites, does not get a penny at home, and has asked herself to make money like an ordinary dreamer. After several years of hard work, her career has a sound. Make your own net worth hundreds of millions of people, create Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, a full name: Paris Whitney Hilton : February 17, 1981, New York Constellation in the United States: Aquarius seat Height: 173cm Weight: 52KG Blood: Mixed race with Norway, Germany, Ireland, and Italy (father's Norway German blood, mother's Irish Italian blood) Sirioscope: 34B-25-35 hair color: golden pupil color: blue personal identity: female businessman, model, fashion designer, singer, writer, writer, one of the heirs of Hilton Group: "thats hot", "sexy",, "sexy", "sexy", "sexy", "Love It", "HUGE" good friends: Nicole Richie's favorite sport: golf, swimming favorite color: pink favorite food: fish, fries, potato -like teams: L.A. LAKers ) Favorite artists: Blondie (Blondie) and the lead singer of the group, the lead singer Deborah Harry, Britney Spears, Madonna, Michael Jackson's favorite TV show: LOST (Lost) Cartoon Character: (Disney The little fairy in the cartoon "Peter Pan") [Edit this paragraph] The background background background Introduction to Hilton was born in New York City, New York City. Parents are the sixth son of the famous Hilton Hotel Group, Richard Hilton, and the famous Katie Hilton There are four brothers and sisters in the family. Paris ranks the largest, followed by her sister Nikki Hilton. The third brother is Barren Hilton II. The youngest younger brother is Conrad Hilton III. Due to her mother's relationship, Hilton was also the niece of two famous child star Kim · Richards and Kayi Richards in the 1970s. Because of her in -law relationship, she has a relative relationship with two famous movie stars Salsa Garbao and Elizabeth Taylor. Essence Her grandfather is Baron Hilton, the current chairman of the famous Hilton Hotel Group, and the grandmother is (former name) Marilyn Holy. Hilton's great -grandparents were the founder of Hilton Hotel, Cumrad Hilton, and his first wife Marma Baron. Conrad Hilton resigned with the world in 1979 without leaving any last words or wills. Barron Hilton's subsequent heritage competed to the court in the end, and finally won the prosecution in 1988 and won the inheritance of the inheritance. When he was a child, Paris and his family lived in the presidential suite of different hotels, including the Waldov-Astoia Hotel in Manhattan, Billy and Hampton. He studied at Koncip's Kentebury Board School (School) in elementary school, and then transferred to Dwight School in Shangcheng West District, New York City. (Sherman Oaks) Buckley School. Her first grade of high school attended Marywood-Palm Valley School in Rancho Mirage, California, and her second grade and her junior high school career were studying in the same school. Pets Paris like small dogs are very famous. She raised a Yorkxia breed dog named "Terrier" and a mother's Chihua baby named "". On July 25, 2007, the dogs in Paris's house, she bought a public Chihuahua in Los Angeles's pet shop "PETS of Bel Air". Pet "" (Born in Athens, Greece on October 31, 2002), she was purchased in the hands of a breeder named "Andreas" in Greece for 3,000 euros. After Palis obtained the ownership of "", the atmosphere of raising small dogs became more popular. Paris is often seen in social activities, large -scale gatherings, and the live show "The Simple Life", which appeared in the whole five seasons. In 2004, "" "A memoir, the title of" Hilton's Diary ". On August 12, 2004, disappeared after being ransacked in Paris's apartment. Paris made a reward of $ 5,000 in exchange for a safe back. After six days, the puppy was finally found. Then, with Paris, he became the focus of magnesium lamps on many occasions. [Edit this paragraph] Paris Hilton, career, has a lot of money. In just a few years, he made hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and his family. He created the Paris Hilton brand. Watch, hairdressing products, sunglasses, and even pet products such as pet products are basically involved as long as they can think of things. In addition, models, singing, movies, television, advertising, activities, and other commercial performances are as good as business performances. Model Paris was a model when she was a child. Her first performance was performed for charity activities. She has long grown up and she has signed a model Trump Trump, a land -produced tycoon Donald Trump, who has signed a TV show at the age of 19. In addition, she has worked with many famous model companies, such as: Ford Models in New York, Models 1 Ageels in London, Nous Model in Los Angeles, and Premier Model in London. She has also participated in different types of advertisements, including Iceberg Vodka, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Christine Dior and Marciano. In 2001, it was first named "New York Girls' Trend Indicators" in 2001. In this way, Hilton officially launched her fame. She also appeared in the number of magazines, including Maxim magazine in April 2004. In the Simple Life of the TV reality show, actor Paris performed with well -known singer Lionel Richie's adopted daughter Nicole Richie, and brought her a good evaluation. The show premiered in December 2003. In this season, Paris and Richie lived in an farmhouse in Alken Sanzhou. This show is also a very successful production of Fox Broadcasting Corporation. The feature is to allow these two girls to engage in many blue -collar workers, communicate with locals, and complete the low work tasks about rural life. The two have no way to appreciate or integrate "simple life" is the central theme to be presented in this series of programs. Paris Hilton at the Cannes Film Festival IN 2005. After the first season, the Simple Life continued to broadcast two seasons in Fox Broadcasting Corporation. The broadcast network canceled the show after a dispute between Palis and Richie, but this show later continued to play in the fourth season of E! Play. The fifth season premiered on the same channel in 2007. Paris also added its exposure records on other TVs, such as guest show TV series "Orange County Fengyun", "The George Lopez Show", "Las Vegas", "American Dreams" and "Veronica Mars". In addition, she also appeared in many music videos, including John Oates's "IT GIL" and Amu's "Just Lose It". In addition, Paris also played a number of movies. The most famous is the 2001 movie Zoolander. In the 2002 movie Nine Lives (Nine Life), she served as a supporting role with a few drama. The horror wax museum in 2005 participated in the performance. In 2006, the DVD movie National Lampoons Pledge this! And Bottoms Up, she won the role of the protagonist for the first time. In 2008, Paris Hilton performed two movies- "The Hottie

    2. Name: Paris Whitney Hilton Hilton Hilton Group founder Conrad Hilton's great-granddaughter birthplace: Los Angeles Birthday: February 17, 1981 Constellation: Aquarius Nationality: US height: 173cm Siriius: 34B-25-35: WMM # 400-9440 St. Monica BLVD. Beverly Hill, California 90210 in the United States. Favorite sport: Golf's favorite color: Pink favorite artist: blonde beauty choir (blondie) and the female lead singer Deborah Harry's favorite bath product: The Body Shop ( Body Shop) Mantra: "That Is HOT", "Sexy" Standard: Love to wear blue contact lenses, wearing No. 11 shoes pets: 3 Bomei (DOLCE, Sebastian, Prince) and 2 Chisha ([That is, that is, that is The education experience of the "Gold Women's New Experience" shadow of the "Gold Woman New Experience", BAMBI) Education experience: I went to the boarding school in Connecticic in elementary school, the school school (School), and then transferred to New York City. Dwight School in the west of the city also read a book from the Buckley School of Buckley School, the Sherman Oaks of California. During the college, he served as the cheerleader of the school. Paris Hilton is the founder of Hilton Group Conrad. Hilton's great -granddaughter was born in Los Angeles in 1981 and was born two years later. The sisters "born with a golden spoon" have been living in the presidential suite of the Waldorf Hotel in New York since childhood. Someone once painted their lives with a set of numbers: their pocket money was $ 100 a week (American high school high school (American high school high school (American high school high school in high schools in the United States The monthly pocket money is generally only $ 50), and it is often spent in a few hours. After growing up, the sisters are tall, with elegant long hair, bright eyes, and the dynamics and vitality of young people. However, the beautiful and rich they have some rebellion. After graduating from High School, Paris had no intention of studying, and went to be a model. Nikki also quickly stepped on her sister's lattice, and both went out on the T -shaped platform. The sisters have also exposed their faces in the film industry, and Paris also starred in the documentary film "Simple Life" shot by Fox. Paris Hilton Works Records: Album Name: "Stars Are Blind [CD-SINGLE]" album language: English distribution company: wea/warner release date: July 6, 2006 1 Stars are blind (Single Version) 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars 2 Stars are blind (luny tunes remix feat.wisin and yandel) 3 stars are blind (tracy does paris radio remix) 4 stars are blind (tracy does paris club mix) 5 stars are blind (chus and ceballos stereo remix) 6 stars are blind ( Chus and Ceballos STEREO B) 7 Stars Are Blind (The Scumfrogs Extreme Makeover) 8 Stars Are Blind (Tracy Does Paris B) 9 Stars Are Blind (Tracy Dies Paris Mixshow) album name: "TURN ITUP) : English distribution company: Warner Records Release Date: August 9, 2006 1 Turn it up (Album Version) 2 Turn it up (DJ DANS HOT 2 TROT EDIT) 3 Turn It Up (Paul Oakenfold Remix) 4 Turn it up ( DJ DANS HOT 2 TROT B) 5 Turn it up (DJ DANS HOT 2 TROT VOCAL) 6 Turn It Up (Peter Rauhofer Does Paris) 7 Turn it up (Peter Rauhofer Turns It up mix) The album name: "Paris Hilton (" Album of the same name) album language: English distribution company: Warner Record release date: August 22, 2006 1 Turn it up 2 fighing over me 3 stars are blind T 7 Nothing in this World 8 Scream 9 Not Leaving Without You 10 Turn You on 11 Do You Think Im SEXY Film Works: Main works: "Simple Life" other movies: "Wonderland Murder", "Horror Wax Museum", "Horror Wax Museum" "In this regard", "Nine Orders", "Nine Orders", "Talent", "Drinking", "The Hottie and the Nottie", other introductions [PARIS quotation] *"I don't like others say that I am the granddaughter of the Hilton family. I like people call me Paris. *"Everyone thinks I am stupid, but I am smarter than most people." *"I think everyone's biggest misunderstanding is to think that I am a spoiled child. On the contrary. " *" A woman, no matter what she looks like, as long as he has confidence, she will be sexy. " *" If you have a beautiful face, you don't have to go to the large fake breasts to attract everyone Eyes. "Now, Paris Hilton's name is expected to be included in the Guinness World Records — the record she broke is: the most inexplicable star. A spokesman for the editorial board of the "Guinness World Records" announced recently that in a recent reader's voting, the hotel heir successfully crowned the "Volkswagen Lost Celebrity" and "the most overestimated celebrity". Two titles. She doesn't spend money at home. "I know people will evaluate me like this -'Pariz Hilton, she spent money to buy everything she wants." Since the age of 18, I have not reached out to ask my parents for money. Those rich people at the party are not a grade with me. I am a serious artist and businessman. "She said," I make money by myself. " It is said that in addition to launching the "Paris Hilton" brand, she is also preparing to open a series of hotels and chain hotels worldwide, and she is completely relying on the strong strength of the Hilton family in this field. And she even cooperated with Stein Lee, the father of "Spider -Man" to design a superhero comic series based on her image. What can "superhero" like Hilton do? "Basically, she was omnipotent." Hilton said. She also wants to be Madonna. She is a live -action version of the "Millions of dollars", TV reality star, biographical writer, model, "Playboy" magazine of the year ... What do she want to do next? pop singer? no doubt. Yesterday (21st), Paris prepared the first solo album for two years. Critics of various local media did not expect to find new "dirty" synonyms. Now that she already has everything, why is she still having to humiliate her? Kate Winslet released his first single after being nominated by Oscar; Kate Moss collaborated with the "Original Scream" band to cover ""; The singing scene ... Female stars believe in such a truth: If you don't sing, you will not be worth mentioning. Their biggest dream is to become Madonna, no matter what price pays. Just as Hilton's first single song title -"Stars are blind", and she even started to think of the second album, and even consider opening a concert, although this kind of cowhide even Jennifer Lopez Dare not blow. Paris's "Starting Starting" in 2000, he had a scandal with Leonardo Di Caprio. Edward Fran in "Terminator 2" was photographed. At the same time, he was rumored to be in contact with the boxer Oscar Drahja. The second place was named "Hollywood Love" by the gossip magazine "Intouch". In 2003, the sex video with ex -boyfriend was publicly surfed, and since then, it has become a front -line celebrity in the entertainment industry. In 2004, he expressed great interest in Prince William in the United Kingdom, and then cast his brother Harry after encountering a cold field. In February 2005, the mobile phone was lost and the phone book was made public. The "split" Mary Kate Olson announced that she was preparing to get married with the Greek king's heirs Lats. He broke up with Latsis, and then became warm with another Greek king's heir, friend and partner Nicole Ricci. In February 2006, Indian film director Ragvnas wanted to invite him to play "Trysa". In August, he claimed to be "celiast", "very shy", and "only had sex with two men in his life." Initiating women's "non -sex movement", reminding women around the world: "Excessive sexual behavior is harmful to health."

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