• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

    How to promote it in Baidu Post Bar


    Sep 23, 2022

    I see each post, there are advertisements under the previous posts, how to place this advertisement

    4 thoughts on “How to promote it in Baidu Post Bar”
    1. That is to post on Baidu Post Bar, implant soft text, then get the top, and then optimize it on the Baidu homepage. This series of processes involve the optimization of keywords and the writing of soft texts. Specifically do it, otherwise the posts you posted can not be included in Baidu at all, it cannot be displayed, and the promotion effect cannot be played. Because it is too professional, you do n’t know the doorway very much. Specifically, you can find a pushing company.

    2. You can consider from the following points:
      , do friendship link directly with each post bar;

      , post interactive post in the post bar, or vote;

      . Publish product sharing. This product shares. It is recommended that it is not recommended to send advertisements in the name of individuals. It is easy to be deleted or titled.

    3. Baidu brand implantation is a collection of brand promotion products launched by Baidu, including brand zones, brand landmarks, post bar promotion, nuggets, etc. Customers can carry out various channels through various channels to promote it.

      For more help, please contact the headquarters after -sales service through the following way: yingxiao./support/wm/? Action = Message more questions, please go to the promotion client to help channel query: yingxiao. /support/editor/index

    4. Frenzy Micro -class e -commerce journal editor: Baidu knows how to post or delete? How to promote it?

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