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    How to expand a chess room


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “How to expand a chess room”
    1. Digestion: Free experience cards in the surrounding neighborhoods, describe the environment and services, give away fruit plates, etc. After adding friends, you can also get various preferential activity information.
      The chess and card rooms in the country have many forms: for example, hotels, bath centers, etc. set up for customers used for customers, and mahjong rooms; there are also toll chess and card rooms around the community, near schools, or densely personnel locations. Essence
      It some companies and enterprises also set up chess and card rooms in order to provide employees' rich entertainment forms to provide amateur leisure life and entertainment, and hold chess and card game competitions.
      The domestic chess and card rooms mainly use mahjong and poker games as the main entertainment items. The charging models are different. Some places provide full -automatic Mahjong tables and other facilities. Generally, there are charges, charges and gambling at the bureau. Gold drawing into a fee and other methods. The profit of the chess room is extremely high. In a community, the income of the chess room is often several times higher than the supermarket and restaurants.
      The chess and card rooms are almost the same projects with casinos, but chess and card rooms are different from the casino: chess and card rooms are legal operating projects allowed by law, and casino is an illegal project. Essence

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